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Wed Jun 10 09:48:09 PDT 2009

After a long 2 days of travel and leaving a fearless bike rider in Seattle =
( ),  Jeffrey Malone and I finally reached
the Toorcamp staging ground as the sun set in the East.  Our hosts we kind
enough to show us our camp and start to prepare us for this adventure.  Now
it's 715AM and the sun has already risen to 30=BA.  Our work is just about =
begin, but before that I wanted to give you all an idea of what's up here
and what to expect.

The rolling hills around me are covered in fields of wheat, potato, and
other crops, and I'm hidden among them on this decommissioned cold war
concept.  Thistles, sage, wild grass and wheat volunteers dot the site,
growing out of  a mix of powderfine earth and blasted, repacked bedrock, al=
topcoated n the ash of recent Volcanic eruptions.  The network of tunnels
and rooms below me awaits us and the first ever Toorcamp

Now for the Toorcamper tips:

1) Noisebridge has a large consolidated area consisting of 7500 sq. ft.
There's plenty of room for last minute attendees to camp here, or to settle
down nearby
2) We should have a great vegan food supply, but you could do well to bring
a mess kit for yourself to eat and drink with.
3) Shade structures are a great idea here, either your tent or bigger if yo=
can organize it ( I don't think I'll need a tent at night, I slept under an
amazing sky last night).
4) If you can, bring 3/8 inch rebar for staking big structures, 1/2 is too
big for this rocky earth
4) There will be a little generator power to sip at one end of our camp, an=
tents on the other end.  If you need power for something excellent, then
you'll get it!
5) Moses Lake, Washington is about 30-40 minutes away, and its a nice town
with a typical big gay Safeway, strange 'tronic factories, farmers, and
friends.  You can probably get anything essential or forgotten over there,
so gather the gear you have, and just focus on driving, flying, or flapping
up here!

One last thing:  someone, bring the Noisebridge banner and some stickers!

-Ronald Miloh Alexander

I heard rumors that I will finally get to try real Club Mate here, look
forward to mass quantities of that.  Also looking forward to some old timey
coin shrinking!

Driving Directions:
N 47=BA11.379'
W 118=BA 49.457'

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