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Wed Jun 10 09:48:09 PDT 2009

r a long 2 days of travel and leaving a fearless bike rider in Seattle ( <a=
</a> ),=A0 Jeffrey Malone and I finally reached the Toorcamp staging ground=
 as the sun set in the East.=A0 Our hosts we kind enough to show us our cam=
p and start to prepare us for this adventure.=A0 Now it&#39;s 715AM and the=
 sun has already risen to 30=BA.=A0 Our work is just about to begin, but be=
fore that I wanted to give you all an idea of what&#39;s up here and what t=
o expect.=A0 <br>
<br>The rolling hills around me are covered in fields of wheat, potato, and=
 other crops, and I&#39;m hidden among them on this decommissioned cold war=
 concept.=A0 Thistles, sage, wild grass and wheat volunteers dot the site, =
growing out of=A0 a mix of powderfine earth and blasted, repacked bedrock, =
all topcoated n the ash of recent Volcanic eruptions.=A0 The network of tun=
nels and rooms below me awaits us and the first ever Toorcamp<br>
<br><br> Now for the Toorcamper tips:<br><br>1) Noisebridge has a large con=
solidated area consisting of 7500 sq. ft.=A0=A0 There&#39;s plenty of room =
for last minute attendees to camp here, or to settle down nearby<br>2) We s=
hould have a great vegan food supply, but you could do well to bring a mess=
 kit for yourself to eat and drink with.<br>
3) Shade structures are a great idea here, either your tent or bigger if yo=
u can organize it ( I don&#39;t think I&#39;ll need a tent at night, I slep=
t under an amazing sky last night).<br>4) If you can, bring 3/8 inch rebar =
for staking big structures, 1/2 is too big for this rocky earth<br>
4) There will be a little generator power to sip at one end of our camp, an=
d tents on the other end.=A0 If you need power for something excellent, the=
n you&#39;ll get it!<br>5) Moses Lake, Washington is about 30-40 minutes aw=
ay, and its a nice town with a typical big gay Safeway, strange &#39;tronic=
 factories, farmers, and friends.=A0 You can probably get anything essentia=
l or forgotten over there, so gather the gear you have, and just focus on d=
riving, flying, or flapping up here!<br>
<br>One last thing:=A0 someone, bring the Noisebridge banner and some stick=
ers!<br><br>-Ronald Miloh Alexander<br><br><br>p.s.<br>
I heard rumors that I will finally get to try real Club Mate
here, look forward to mass quantities of that.=A0 Also looking
forward to some old timey coin shrinking!<br>
<br>Driving Directions:<br>
N 47=BA11.379&#39;<br>
W 118=BA 49.457&#39;<br><br><br>


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