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- - Citizen List

If you plan on camping with Noisebridge, we need you to right now...

 1. Go to the wiki page (linked above), and add yourself to the
Citizens list. Be sure to include as much information as you can
there. If you're not listed as having a ticket, we're not planning to
save space for you (though we'll try to hoard as much ground as we can).
 2. Make sure you're on the Noisebridge Toorcamp mailing list (linked
 3. Sign up for some camp duties, see bellow.

Expect much hassling from me if you don't do those three things.

- - Donations for the camp

In our last meeting we decided to host camp dinners. Ben and Casey
volunteered to take up organizing all of that, and I'm sure they're
coming up with a plan for it right now. It would be awesome if Ben and
Casey didn't pay for all of this out of pocket, so we're asking for
donations and trying to figure out a minimum suggested donation
amount. Any comments?

- - Camp duties

I've created a bit of a schedule on the wiki page with spots for
people to volunteer time to. As being the camp asshole, I'm expecting
folks to take up 2 - 3 duties/days. The duties comprise of packing
camp stuff, setup, camp area clean ups and trash take out, food prep,
tare down, and unload. Please be awesome and sign up for a couple
things. Again I'll be hassling folks if they haven't already signed up
for some jobs.

Additionally it sounds like arriving a day early to help with setup is
ok, and that's what some of us are planning to do. So if you want to
fly in on the 7th, please say so.

- - Getting stuff

I've created a short Todo list and a acquire list on the wiki page.
Things we really need to figure out soon.

* Anymore structures?
* What are we building The Tower out of?
* Lighting?
* Get stuff for the kitchen

Please add in anything else you think we might want. If you can
provide such an item, email back and edit the wiki stating so.


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