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glamortramp at riseup.net glamortramp at riseup.net
Fri Mar 16 16:47:12 PDT 2012

> On Mar 15, 2012 Josh Juran wrote:
> Or Wlad is trolling you.  How do you know he didn't fabricate the
> entire paragraph?

Actually.....he did fabricate the entire thing. And now I know.

>> Who wants to interview him w/ me? I'm not doing it alone! I'll
>> bomb. I'm the least knowledgeable person here on the topic. I'm
>> taking a crash course in Richard Stallman right now to prep myself,
>> but still...
> I'd be up for that, as long as everyone involved is taking it seriously.

Jesse is doing the interview with me. I asked him first. I will make room
for you also if you're seriously interested in doing it. Actually I
already asked Richard if it's allright if me + 2 others interview him, & I
think he's OK with that. We haven't decided on a time/location yet. I'm
opting for Monday the 19th (gives me more time to read so I can sound

>> Actually it'd be great if I could get a few of these from several
>> people. Just write me what you think of Stallman. The more
>> perspectives or opinions the better. I've already got one
>> irreverent / negative opinion, I'd like some positive ones so it
>> doesn't come across as a hatchet job.
> I'll consider it.

Cool. And I'll consider printing it. Also consider that you're lucky to
have a publication that treats you with this much respect. If I had the
opportunity to design the layout for everything I've submitted to
magazines & other publications over the years - most of them rejected with
or without comment - I'd be ecstatic.

Tony aka Glamortramp

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