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Tue Oct 23 21:36:33 UTC 2012

   This is what it's evolved into & I'm trying trying to get it done. This
week. I've been sending proof pages out & I'll be sending more by tonight
or tomorrow. Look this over & LMK if you see anything wrong, redundant, etc
- it's gone through a lot of changes.

   ZiP03 has a double feature. The Sexy Feature is Kink.com. The Sobering
Feature is Geeks & Depression, an excellent essay by Daravinne that I hope
everyone reads. I rearranged the contents so that there's a relatively
fun/light-hearted first half, followed by a more somber second half; & then
a mixed bag/anything goes 3rd half.

   Yes, that makes 1 1/2 zines. ZiP03 will be 1 1/2 times as awesome as a
regular megazine to make up for being so late.

         TABLE of CONTENTS

ZiP Chapter 3: TABLE of CONTENTS

Zx00+3 Front Cover: Scary Carousel
Zx0075 Credits + Intro / Rainbow Chessboard
Zx0076 About "WhimWiz"
Zx0077 ZiP is to NB as....
Zx0078 Epistles (correspondence), ZLog entry, or Where Are They Now?
(Noisebridge edition)
Zx0079 Fixing the NB network / Toilet Infosheet (Danny O'B)
Zx007A SEXY FEATURE: Kink.com Tour (Longshanks + maybe Alan R?)
Zx007B Kink.com p2
Zx007C Kink.com p3
Zx007D Kink.com p4
Zx007E Kink.com p5 end  / retail cost of 50-gallon drum of lube (Adam E)
Zx007F Laser cutter found art w/ text of "I want a dyke for president"
Zx0080     The Great Mouse Wars (Lizzard)
Zx0081 Review: Fisher AG-7 Space Pen (Adam E.)
Zx0082 How to Design a Satirical Board Game (Teale F)
Zx0083 Board Game p2
Zx0084 Board Game p3 end
Zx0085 Great Names in Hackerdom: Torvalds, Greenblatt, & Captain Crunch
Zx0086 COLOR: Godzebra Arrives at the Picnic
Zx0087 COLOR: Maker Faire Seoul p1 (Frantisek)
Zx0088 Maker Faire Seoul p2
Zx0089 Maker Faire Seoul p3 end + blog & other links
Zx008A     Oshan on Trial / review of Om Shan Tea
Zx008B Anarchafeminism (Lizzard)
Zx008C Anarchafeminism p2 end
Zx008D assembler code page w/ text
Zx008E zine reviews / zine distro box
Zx008F     zine reviews + wordfinder puzzle
Zx0090 ZiPCode 3.0: MacRelix (Josh J)
Zx0091 MacRelix p2
Zx0092 MacRelix p3
Zx0093 MacRelix p4 end
Zx0094 assembler code page #2 or other art
Zx0095 Is NB an Anarchist Hackerspace? (Danny O’Brien)
Zx0096 Danny p2
Zx0097 Danny p3
Zx0098 Danny p4
Zx0099 Danny p5 end / lead-in to G&D feature
Zx009A SOBERING FEATURE: Geeks & Depression (Daravinne) p1
Zx009B G&D p2  <<begin intermission>>
Zx009C COLOR Dylan Frieday
Zx009D COLOR Dylan Frieday
Zx009E <<end intermission>> G&D p3
Zx009F G&D p4
Zx00A0 G&D p5
Zx00A1 G&D p6 end
Zx00A2 Art or other light fare to wind down from heavy feature: small talk,
perhaps a cordial & some petitfours
Zx00A3 Noisebridge DRAMA + NB Discuss drama detection class (Mike S)
Zx00A4 The Mostly True Story of My First Squat: Firehouse Retrospective
(TLongshanks) p1
Zx00A5 Firehouse p2
Zx00A6 Firehouse p3
Zx00A7 Firehouse p4 end +  Garlique’s recollection
Zx00A8 Non Sequitur News / ABORSTOP – Stephen Hawking Talk, condoms, DARPA,
SF Maker Faire
Zx00A9 Non Sequitur News / ABORSTOP – BitTorrent, Oracle case, taking back
Zx00AA Review: Screaming Meanie (Adam)
Zx00AB Shadowfolds/CJP
Zx00AC 3pE on surveillance, paranoia, security culture, discretion AND/OR
racism & gentrification
Zx00AD IDOP: The Survivor (TLongshanks)
Zx00AE Game Over / Endtable of Contents
Zx00-3 Back Cover: Droste Effect / Joker’s last laugh / teaser for
end-of-the-world Xmas special final issue of ZiP to be
                released at noon on Dec. 21st, 2012—if the world doesn't
end that morning

*PLUS* Two-page pullout on Use & Care of the Noisebridge Laser Cutter
Printed really small w/ a miniature magnifying glass attached
(except that won't actually happen but wouldn't it be awesome?)

*You should read my diaries after I die—I talk about you a lot in there.*
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