ZinesFromOuterSpace two things that would help ZiP03 reach the finish line

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 05:19:10 UTC 2012

In case anyone wants to help & contribute (or contribute more)

1) I wanted to have a page or a 2-page spread of hacker-related news &
current events, titled Non Sequitur News. I'm busy finishing up the
Kink.com feature, so if someone else wanted to take a stab at it, it would
help! You could even just send me news snippets or blurbs & let me design
the pages. That would also speed the process.

2) I reserved one page for some sort of game or puzzle, in the tradition of
the hacker crossword puzzle from ZiP02. I had thought a wordfinder puzzle
would be fun, or perhaps a hacker mad-libs. Anyone wanna design this page?
Feel free to toss my suggestions & make it something else....

*You should read my diaries after I die—I talk about you a lot in there.*
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