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Dear all,

It has been quite a while since I've been in touch, I'm sorry for taking so long to update you. The delay was caused mostly by focusing on finishing my master thesis, which I should submit latest by the end of the next week. Unfortunately due to the prolonged period of time which I've devoted to this, I could not work full time as I planed, therefore my finances are quite disturb by that.

I personally think that I'll not get enough resources to leave before the end of October or at the beginning of November as I hoped. To be absolutely honest I'm nearly sure that I'll not make it because I've been “submerged” in my financial files yesterday and I'm in depression from it even today. In order to leave next month I'd need quite a large amount of money to come my way which is not likely. I'm therefore going to talk to the people who supported me in the next several weeks and I plan to return the money which I got from them, fees and add something on the top within 10% of the given sum if desired as my apology.

The lesson for me is that next time I'll have to budget better and that the kick starter approach would be much more feasible. I believe that I should be able to pay back all what I got before the end of the year 2011 and I hope to leave for Japan in January 2012, latest in February and do what I've been describing till now - learn more in the field of life foods and beverages and teach what I know, preferably in the disaster hit areas. It is likely that I'll start a kick starter for that, but we will see about that.

So please accept my apology, I'm sorry that I did not manage. You will probably not hear from me too much in the next months because I'll feel a bit down. I'll have to stay in Europe earning money, when I do not want to be here. The journey to Japan is really important for me and it is hard for me to see it being post pone again and again.



PS I'll be sending a news letter in the next few weeks which will include my activities in the last several months so you can see, that I kept my self occupied.

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