091 BM The goals and aims of the project

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These are the goals and objectives of the 091 Master Brewers group. Please do bring in new ideas, discuss them, post them and make them happen!

  • creation of group of enthusiasts interested in the subject who would carry out both theoretical and practical activities in the field of brewing and fermentations on a long term  bases
  • establishing a brewing base where we can meet and do the brewing and all the tasks needed to complete the process, with 091 labs hackerspace being a naturally the "spot"
  • teaching people properly what is the brewing about in the way that they can become brew masters or kvasirs, truly understanding to the process being involved
  • giving a chance to the people interested in the subject to try to do the whole loop from learning to producing  and later on promoting their products also sharing the fermentation cultures
  • all of the above leads to promoting the high quality brewing in the area and helping it to become a sustainable craft in the region
  • possibly help to the other projects in the country and abroad to make it more easy for them to fallow what we are doing