091 Brew Masters meeting 01-02/6/2011

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Meeting of 091 Brew Masters at 18:30, 01/6/2011 at 64 Glenard Crescent, Salthill and at 18:30, 02/6/2011 at Javas

Next meeting on Wednesday 8/6/2011 at 18:30 at Javas

Present at this meeting

Richard Conroy

Jeff Warde


Frantisek Apfelbeck


  • What each of the persons like to brew and have experience with

- Richard has done elderflower wine and ginger ale and would like to play with these two more.

- Jeff is doing Irish stout on more or less regular bases and would like to continue with that.

- I'm not sure what types of fermentations Bill has done, has to be updated.

- Frantisek is interested in both non alcoholic beverages like elderflower cordial and ginger ale (did not prepared yet), kombucha, water kefir, honey cooler (has experience) and alcoholic beverages, especially in fruit wines (elderflower wine), cider, mead and also bear (without hop), do not have any experience with alcoholic beverages

  • Tasting

- Ginger ale (Richard). Ingredients – culture = bread yeast (primed), 20 l of water (tab), 1.5 kg of sugar (mix of cast and regular white sugar), 300 g of shredded ginger, lemon zest (one lemon), lemon juice (1 lemon). Drink was prepared on Sunday 29/5/2011 and was very good, sparkling.

- Water kefir (Frantisek). Ingredients - culture = water kefir grains, 6 %(w/v) of sugar (brown unrefined, organic, fair traid). The drink was prepared on 20/5 and it was not very tasty, it was a bit over fermented of insufficient sweetness and not sparkling (the bottle was not sealed properly).

- Irish stout (Jeff). Ingredients - culture = yeast (strand ???), the rest of ingredients has to be specified by Jeff, forgot to ask him exactly. The stout was liked by I think all beer drinkers present, it has caramel like after flavor and nice dark color. More specifications should be given by beer lovers :-))

- Elderflower wine (Richard). Ingredients – culture = wild yeast from elderflower, rest of ingredients has to be specified by Richard. The drink was prepared last season. The drink was very tasty, with nice elderflower flavor and fragrance, maybe a bit too sweat.

- Honey cooler (Frantisek). Ingredients – culture = kefir culture (whey, 5% (v/v)), honey 10 % (w/v). The drink was harvested just directly from the batch (started on 26/5/2011). The drink was of nice honey flavor, sparkling and refreshing.

  • Brewing location

We have discussed where to brew and agreed that it would be really good if we can do so in the future location of 091 labs. Till that time we will continue with our experiments at our homes.

  • Brewing equipment

Jeff have some spare swing top bottles which he is fine to share. We may trade some empty beauties for some full ones so he has not just a good feeling from his beneficial activity :-)) We should get the 19 l plastic bottles from the Galway Water for larger brews and 5 l plastic bottles from Galway Water for smaller brews.

  • Experimental incubator

We have agreed that the short time goals in the project of experimental incubator which are basically monitoring and controlling the temperature of the brews should be full filled as soon as possible. The person with good knowledge of arduino will be searched and asked to make a workshop to help us learn more about this micro controller and it's uses for our projects.

  • Elderflower beverages.

We are going to prepare several elderflower based drinks as soon as possible, latest next week (12-18/6) before the season is gone. All of them will be done under controlled temperature conditions if possible. Richard is going to do another batch of elderflower wine (wild yeast), Frantisek is going to do the elderflower wine with champaign yeast and hopefully when Alan is up and running he will join and make elderflower cordial, where several options are available – both non fermented syrup type and fermented one. Frantisek wants to prepare also elderflower honey cooler, water kefir and kombucha. Clearly we have to propose and discuss the recipes for this project, that should be done on line, latest on the next meeting on 8/6/2011 at 18:30 at Javas.

  • Ginger ale and Ginger beer.

These two drinks are going to be done very soon, either simultaneously with elderflower drinks or when we are done with them. We consider comparing a yeast culture based brews with other options like kefir and water kefir culture, “original ginger ale” culture. The project of it's own is to create and stabilize “our” own ginger ale/ginger beer culture (open source).

Next meeting is on Wednesday 8/6/2011 at Javas with one more meeting maybe held around that date at a private place where tasting can happen. See you all there!

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