091 Brew Masters meeting 15/6/2011

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Meeting of 091 Brew Masters

  • Present

Ciaran, Richard, Richard's girlfriend, Frantisek


  • Experimental incubator project

Prototype design

- Ciaran brought the relay with switcher, plug and easy to connect arduino set up. The aquarium heater and arduino should be connected during Sunday/Monday 19-20/6 and tested on modified blink sketch.

  • Commercial brewing

We have been discussion the interest in commercial brewing and it looks like that several people would be happy to be able to sell their products. There are two venues which have been considered to be relatively easy to access - some of the farmers markets and already existing social networks (farmers packages etc.)

  • General Discussion

- next workshop on brewing should be done the next week at the beginning of the week, maybe Tuesday 21/6 at 18:30 at Frantisek's place

- there should be a group trip on Monday to Barna Brewing "online" store, leaving for Barna at 17:30, owner has to be contacted first, contact?

- the sharing of some "text books" about brewing was discussed and we have found that to have several electronic books would be very handy

The meeting was good, the next one will be in a week time again on Wednesday 22nd at Java's at 18:30.