091 Brew Masters meeting 8/6/2011

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Meeting of 091 Brew Masters

  • Present

Ciaran, Alan, Bill, Frantisek


  • Experimental incubator project

Prototype design

- electronic core: composed from arduino micro controller connected to heat sensors DS18B20 I2C The prototype was build up by Ciaran for another project and will be slightly adjusted. We will build up a copy as soon as possible. The functional temperature measuring prototype should be ready by Thursday 16/6/2011

- chamber: open plastic container at least of a = 60cm; b = 35cm; c = 25cm (fitting two 19 l fermentation vessels), should be ready for Thursday 16/6/2011

- heating element: 250 w aquarium heater will be used for the start with it's own thermostat, the medium to dissipate the heat will be water

- code and data collection: code will be again used from Ciaran former project and data will be collected and stored first at arduino and later on transfered and posted on line, should be ready for Thursday 16/6/2011

  • Elderflower brewing project

elderflower cordial (13/6/2011): we have discussed the recipe and have decided to conduct first experiment on Monday 13/6/2011, starting around 15:00 at Bills Place (for more info please ask or check the tread). We will most probably do 5 l experimental batches, with various forms of sugar source and with some of the recipes including a live cultures but some of them being "chemical only". This set of experiments is focused on non alcoholic local elderflower product.

elderflower wine (16/6/2011) - there will be at least two experiments. One will be wild fermentation of sugar source with elder flowers added, performed by Richard (probably 2x 19 l), temperature has to be determined (and time if it suits him). The second will be champagne yeast based fermentation of rapadura (1 x 19l) and white sugar (1 x 19l) both at the optimal temperature for the strand (probably 21-24 C, has to be specified). We have still to find location and confirm the date and time but it should be Thursday 16/6.

  • General Discussion

- there is a possibility of on line ordering of the brewing equipment and ingredients from Barna based on line shop, picking them at store which we may be able to have a look at. This opportunity has to be further investigated. Will has purchased equipment from this store and recommends. http://www.homebrewwest.ie/ is the website and the storage unit is situated in the 12 in Barna. The website has a detailed inventory of what is available in the store including many strains of yeast.

- we went through the prices of sugars and where to get them. The advantages of whole sale prices were mentioned.

- the aims and goals of the group were discussed and the "non business" model of think tank and educational/promotional character was strengthen with the notion of supporting brewing as a green collar job style

- we went through the basic "biology" of some cultured drinks

It was a great meeting, let's hope that the next week experiments will go alright and see you all on Wednesday at Javas at 18:30!