091 Brew Masters workshop 10/10/2011

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Hi to all! Today we have had a really nice workshop, there were around eight people being involved, which is great!

Here is what we did concerning the probiotic non alcoholic fermentation. Based on the experiments from the last week where we tried the influence on the flavor of two dark rich sugar concentrations (2.5; 5% (w/v) respectively), we have decided to repeat this experiment in variation with honey again with two brews of final volume (Vc) of 5 l. This time we used 5; 10% (w/v) respectively of honey for the brew, with addition of 3% (w/v) of kefir culture inoculum and 2% (w/v) of ginger. We have shredded and weight the ginger, dissolved the honey in warm water, transfered both brews to the 5 l container, top it up with cold water to 80% of the final volume and added 150 g of the kefir culture. The last step was filling up the container with cold water to final volume and sealing the vessel with water lock. The ferment was kept in experimental incubator oscillating in 12 hours cycles (12 hours at 25°C and 12 hours at room temperature). The brew should be ready to harvest/bottle within 3-4 days with another 2-3 days dedicated to the secondary fermentation and kept at cold after wards, drank in a week or two.


  • Ingredients

kefir culture (3% (v/v))

honey (Boyne Valley) (2.5 and 5% (w/v))

organic ginger (1.5% (w/v))

  • Manual

- water is brought to boil and left on a side for further usage

- honey is transfered to a container and weight (5%-250, 10%-500 g respectively), warm water is added and mixed to dissolve (not more than 60°C)

- syrup mix is diluted by cold water and now not very hot syrup is transfered to the culture vessel (5l glass demijohn)

- shredded ginger is added to the brew, 1.5% (w/v) = 100 g

- syrup is further diluted to roughly 90% of final volume by cold water

- kefir culture is added to the lukewarm water

- cold water is added to bring the brew to the final volume of Vc = 5 l

- brew is closed by a water lock system and let to ferment for 4-6 days in the experimental incubator at temperature = 27°C for 12 hours, and 12 hours room temperature (ranging between 15-20°C)

- brew is tasted and harvested ==> bottled to swing top bottles (bottles sealed)

- bottled brew is left to secondary ferment at room temperature for 2-3 days for the spark to develop (carbon dioxide)

- bottled brew is transfered to the cold environment (4-7°C) and let to mature for 1-2 weeks

- brew is periodically tasted for next 1-8 weeks