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Update: as of 9-17-08 the space is about to be rented.

Space at 1230 Howard St, between 8th & 9th, has a craigslist posting at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/off/765934663.html

Owner (and manager) is Tom Krutman of Krutman Electronics. I spoke with him briefly on 7-24, he says the space is the whole second floor of the building, broken into 4 smaller offices and two larger open spaces. The total square footage is 2200 sq ft, and he's asking $2900 (the Craigslist ad says "negotiable"). Utilities were around $300/month when he was there. There is only stair access, no elevator.

Rachel 14:14, 24 July 2008 (PDT)

I (Rachel) viewed this space briefly on 7-28. It is the second floor of a two-story building, with a separate entrance in which the stairs go straight up without a turn. The first floor is rented for storage space for a construction company; nobody works there on a day-to-day basis. The second floor has a 2200 sq-ft footprint so the actual available space is a little smaller. Still this is plenty for us. Rent is $2900 including utilities, or $2600 rent proper plus $300 utilities. The $300 was his estimate; I need to inquire to find out if that's included in the lease amount or if he just gets the bills and would pass them through, so the monthly amount would be the $2600.

The space is divided into the front area and the back area, with 3 steps down to the back area, which is a little bigger than the front. The front area is a bit more finished, and the back area is more rough. Each area has a big open space and two smaller rooms with doors. The stairs come up into the front area open space. The front rooms are in the front with windows overlooking the street. The back area's main space has a newly installed skylight which provides excellent natural light throughout most of the big room. The smaller rooms in the back have no skylight or windows. One of these back rooms has 2 stairs up to it and is mostly unfinished. All of the separate rooms have latching doors.

There are two bathrooms, right at the dividing line between the front and back areas. There is no shower but the landlord said he was open to "any reasonable changes" when I asked about putting one in. There is no 220v power but see previous comment. There are several ventilation shafts with grills on them in the open areas but not in the small rooms. There is a water heater and a furnace(?) in a front corner of the back large area. Ceiling height varies but the lowest is at least 10 feet.

There is supposedly a current tenant, whose "business model changed" and Tom is "facilitating their move to a shorter lease". It looked from the furniture like the business that was there is No More :( and there was nobody in the space when we were there. There are some furnishings which are apparently available for purchase, including a pool table.

I told Tom that we would be interested in coming again to look at the space with some of the other members, also that we would not be ready to move for at least a month or 6 weeks and he was fine with all of that. He seemed, in fact, like a nice person. He owns the building and would be doing the management of it. His business was there for 15 years or so, until they moved to Belmont to be closer to their homes.

Here are some pictures. I took more but the ones of the front large area and the back small rooms did not come out.