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Place #2 1351 Harrison

While walking on the street, we stopped to peer in the window of a space with a "FOR RENT" sign. A nice woman who works for the currently leaving tenant popped out and invited us in. We had a chance to look around and ask questions but did not talk to the landlord. Andy later called and talked to the landlord to obtain price information.

Pictures: none

Rent asked: $2500/month

Movein: unknown

Min lease duration: unknown

Ready to move in: around April 2008

Contact: "Eric", 415 292 7070 x101

This is a large street-facing single room plus a 6x10 closet on the ground floor of a SOMA building. Total quoted 1060 sq. ft. The top floor consists of two residential apartments, which are both being rennovated and will be sublet to yuppies. The landlord claims soundproofing between apartments and space, apartments will be 3BR 2BA to rent for ~$3K/month.

Electrical system significantly less good than the 215 Dore space and building appears older as well. Recently fixed water leak in one corner of ceiling, some minor water damage to paint. No heat; current tenants use space heaters. Bathroom with shower included.