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Hi to all!

This email is especially for the people who supported me materially and also in many other ways to be able to go to Japan in person and help there as I can, I really appreciate it!

As you know, up to now I've been able to collect considerable amount of resources totalling now at $881. I've been now preparing a simple plan what I would like to do in Japan based on resources which I've obtained. Here is a simple bullet point summary:

1) at the beginning of May arrive to Japan by plain and get in touch with the hacker movement around Tokyo in person and get updated on their involvement in the projects related to Sendai/Tohaku tsunami disaster (3-6 days)

2) leave Tokyo and go back packing to see and document the area of Sendai/Tohaku tsunami disaster and establish some personal contacts (7-14 days)


a) return to Tokyo and help hackers with their projects which are connected to the disaster (40-60 days)

b) find a spot in the disaster zone and help mostly physically in any reasonable manner which I can to the survivals (40-60 days)

4) continuously report on my activities as the technology allows (whole time)

5) return to Europe and tour Europe and possibly Central and Northern America and present my experience with my stay in Japan and prepare a program for my return to Japan for a longer period of time (half year to year and half). I want to be involved in the field of biotechnology, especially in food hacking and fermentations and simultaneously I've to work on my health (body posture), continuing with learning of the language is essential.

Well this is the plan nice and simple. There may be changes but it will be around the goal of helping to or in the disaster stricken areas, surviving on minimum.

Now the financial part of this effort.

Based on the plan above I've prepared a proposal how I want to use the resources which I've got and how much more I need to generate to carry out this activity. I've received a permission from part of the supporters to use the money based on my own judgement, however I would like to make it as open as possible so please read on!

I need to gain more resources so I can not just get a fly ticked (around $800) but I can also feed myself when on the place (see below). I would like to spend April preparing for the trip using around $150, which means $5 per day (30x) budget to be able to work on the preparations (contacting organizations in questions, studying Japanese etc.). It would be very handy to use additional $200 to generate more resources meaning to cover this investment and get more from it by doing presentations, workshops you know the usual staff which I do to gain resources, before I leave at the beginning of May. Once on the place I should be able to survive on $5 per day which means for two months and half more or less $375. As a citizen of Czech Republic I have to pay health insurance of $60 per month, which should be than for two and half months $150. This insurance is not going to cover me in Japan at all, it covers me just and only at Europe Union but I've to pay it because of the law. I'm searching of some suitable insurance for Japan but it doesn't look very positive. I would like to have a back up of $200 for emergencies. I want to leave before 10 of May because I think that the time is ready.

Therefore the summary of the budget:

received until 14/3/2011 in donations

received $881

asking to invest during the preparation phase

investment $350

return ticket to Japan

investment $770

resources needed to survive in Japan for two and half months

investment $550

emergency back up

investment $200







Please let me know what do you think about this plan, it seems to me doable. The finances are a bit tight but I think that I will manage and I'm quite pretty sure that I can obtain the rest of the resources needed, hopefully all before I leave.

From Kout na Sumave (my home village),