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Pictures: endenizen

Rent asked: around $2000

Movein: soon

Ready to move in: yes

Space & Time[edit]

One (maybe, later, two) small exclusive rooms. Large shared space with Dimension 7. 2 bathrooms (one with shower). D7 will schedule events (sometimes weekly) which will use the large shared space and usually includes on-site filming and/or web streaming. These events are typically at night from 6pm-midnight. A couple members of D7 live at the location.

Public Transit[edit]

3 blocks from Embarcadero bart/muni station. Short muni ride (or approx. 1.4 mile walk) from Caltrain.


This would be primarily shared space. The space that would be available for exclusive Noisebridge use (lockable) is about a 12x18 foot space with very low ceilings, I guess about 6 feet or 6 & a couple inches. The remainder of the space consists of one large, high room (warehousey) maybe 50 x 70 feet, plus a number of separate rooms around the edge which are mostly exclusively used by other Dimension 7 collaborators. Some of these may become available in the not too distant future.

Dimension 7 is a kind of collective of video professionals. They're looking for other people to join the collective, rather than just rent a room invisibly. They don't require us to be video professionals of course; there does seem to be interesting potential for collaboration & knowledge-sharing.


  • The Dimension 7 people seem very interesting and we could probably do some cool stuff together.
  • Great space for parties.


  • Sharing with people who are making their living. They'd probably claim dibs on resources and I personally would have trouble fighting that; after all, we're all 'just' hobbyists.
  • We'd have to completely clean up our projects every time we stopped working on them, because they'd be in the way of other people's work.
  • Lack of much advance knowledge of other uses of the space - they often schedule things only a day or so in advance.
  • People live there - although in fairness, they'd likely be OK with, or at least used to, random noise & activity at all hours
  • Their prime work hours are about 6PM to midnight, the place isn't used that much by Dimension 7 during the day. That likely overlaps lots with our prime work hours