Direct Disaster Response to Japan/16/3/2011

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Newslist – Direct Disaster Response Japan

Hi to All! Today was done a major progress in several fields. Here are the bullet points, for more info please write to me or post to the mailing list on the wiki

- advice from a professionals in disaster response: the area of the disaster should not been entered by non trained people as long as the profesional disaster teams are in at work (3-6 weeks or longer)

- considerable increase in the budget funding, donations received on 16/3/2011 = $655

- personal wordpress account was created and set, which can be later on used to present the activities fro m the spot (or new more communal word press page can be created) (dead line for up load Direct Disaster Response to Japan project 19/3/2011 midnight)

- contact to Tokyo hacker space was established, center will be contacted within 48 hours

- the English version of wiki was edited/corrected (by Owen)

- total donation balance on 16/3/2011 = $881

That is a basic info about today, I hope to give you more of the „plan“ tomorrow, however I can say already that the seting up a connection and hopefully cooperation with Tokyo hacker center will be very important for further planing.

Thank you all for the support! Sincerely, Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck