Direct Disaster Response to Japan/17/3/2011

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Hi to All! I've had a further meetings/talks with specialist in the field of distaster reliefe and response about when to leave for Japan and what to do there. I'm being adviced by profesionals in the field of disaster reliefe and rebuild to wait for 3-6 weeks before I go, leaving therefore by the end of April or beginning of May. They recomend to prepare a plan of alternative help and accumulate more resources. With current donations I'll be not able to help practically at the location in the moment, they would be completely used up for just a transportation. I've been offered to participate on a several bigger events which could be used to rise more resources.

I want to open next movements to the discussion, especially for the people who were involved in preparations with me until now and who has supported my efford with donations already.

Please think about it and let me know how do you see it. I've to mention that several people were stressing that once the disaster relief teams are out in few weeks, there will be need for many people to help who are not professionals. As for me I will prefer to be involved in the food hacking/slow food movement projects under some local or possibly bigger international organization.

I'm finishing up the first round of my food hacking tour within next few days and after that I'll fully focus and the development of the Help-Japan project.

For further discussion please use primarily the Help-Japan mailing list or of course contact me directly.



PS No donations received on 17/3/2011