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News letter Help Japan 19/5/2011


  • I've been quite pretty busy with moving from Czech Republic to Ireland. In the last two weeks I've managed:
  • get to Ireland and hitchhike from Dublin to Galway
  • find accommodation and have the rent postponed till I find a job (latest till 31th of May)
  • met my boss at National University of Ireland Galway, Maria Tuohy and got a schedule of my master thesis rewrite and submission
  • got my laptop working (with help of guys from 091 labs)
  • I'm being very close of getting bicycle

As you can see there was not too much done on the help Japan project. I've been checking the news but I was quite consumed by settling down and looking for a job. Since now on I would like to slowly continue in the project development.

This is what I would like to accomplish concerning the project during the next week:

  • get a job which will help me to meet the budget for the project
  • sign up for the Tokyo Hacker space mailing list/Google group
  • developing the project of experimental incubator which could be great help for my endeavors in Japan (and else where)
  • get in touch with Japanese people and community in Galway
  • send next weekly email no longer than 26 of May
  • improve the production and promotion of fermented beverages which I could teach later on in Japan

Well this is the basic info and plan, I'll be updating the wiki pages


as you will learn more in the next mail. I'll try to fallow the Zapatistas style "poco a poco".

Have a good time and enjoy the summer, the weather here in Ireland is dreadful as usually.