2009 New Director

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As of June 2009, Noisebridge has an opening on the board of directors. To fill the opening, we'll do this:

  1. Nominate one or more dedicated souls
  2. Discuss on-list, on IRC, in person, at meetings, until we decide who the next director should be
  3. Have a voting meeting according to the legal requirements[1] to make it official

Current directors (ineligible) are:

  • Mitch Altman
  • Andy Isaacson
  • Rachel McConnell

Note that David Molnar is a Noisebridge officer (Secretary) but not actually on the board of directors.


Write the name of a nominee below, but only if they a) would do a good job of being a director of Noisebridge, and b) are actually willing to do it.

  • Miloh
  • Shannon