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This started as a troll but it backfired and now I have to actually do this. I hate you all.

Given our one year anniversary is upon us I started thinking of ideas that we could do to bring more exposure and maybe a bit of fundraising to our lovely hacker space. Several organisations do member calendars such as the Flaming Lotus Girls for example so why not follow in suit? It can put faces behind the people of Noisebridge, possibly make us a bit of money and gives us the opportunity to put a bunch of other information on the calendar that wouldn't otherwise be on an ordinary one, geeky stuff like Maker Faire, our 2 year anniversary, other events that we know have a set date etc.


Here's what I'm proposing;

  • This is opt-in and no one will be forced to participate in the calendar if they don't want to.
  • I'm sure we have enough photographers here that would volunteer to take some good high quality pics of anyone that wants to participate.
  • Sexy pictures will be encouraged though not required. I do not however know about the laws if we were to include nudity (though I would certainly not discourage people from doing do if it could be allowed), I'll have to check on that.
  • All pictures should be taken at Noisebridge. Poses of people working on projects would be one suggestion.
  • Each month I imagine would not have to feature just one person, could be split up into panes or multiple people in the same shot. If you're going to participate in the 3rd point above with multiple people, please be *very* excellent to each other.
  • This is a do-ocracy. If there's something you want to do for a picture, then do it.
  • Have fun! This is something that could be a good way to blow off some steam, take some hot photos and support your fav hackerspace.

If anyone's interested please contact Ani and we can get this going. Figure we can get started on this now before its too late to make a 2010 calendar in time.


  • Research calendar printing
  • Acquire photos. Any Noisebridge photographers want to volunteer?
  • Gather important dates that wouldn't appear on a regular calendar

Volunteer models[edit]

  • Ani (Noisebridge sticker pasties?)
  • Laura
  • Jof
  • Jeffery
  • Jake
  • Rachel (NAKED! but blurry, I'm old you know) (also, I call August)
  • Jason Dusek (bursting through DJ booth wall, naked)
  • Thom Hastings (a.k.a. "Mr. November")
  • Dr. Jesus (with Jake, if possible-- sandals are bonus points.)