2022 board election

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Update, spring 2022: Result of election (run by gaarden) - the new board is TJ, Liz, Tim, Claus, and Elan. Dashboard was disqualified for being a cat.

We need to hold board elections - as they were interrupted by the pandemic and the move in 2020 and 2022 and our current board members have served 3 terms.

Q: What does it mean to be on the board?

A: Mostly the board sits back and lets the space do its thing. Responsibilities: meet once a year and make sure there is a next year's board election.

Q: What are your responsibilities (and liabilities?)

A: Be on the legal paperwork for NB. You should be covered by NB's insurance.... (someone explain this better)

Things we need to clarify[edit]

  • How does the election work? (This is determined differently every time but you can consult our Bylaws)
  • How many people to vote for, how many board members should we have?
  • Who can vote? (Members)
  • Who is running this?
  • What are the actual legal responsibilities of the board?
  • * Meet at least once a year
  • * Make sure there is a yearly board election
  • * Represent Noisebridge when needed to local government or other general social entities (file and pay taxes, etc)
  • Does our liability insurance protect the board members?
  • * Here's a general link describing the legal liability of non-profit board members. https://nonprofitrisk.org/resources/articles/liability-and-the-board-what-governing-teams-need-to-know/
  • * Ask Lizzard or Tyler for a copy of the current liability insurance we carry!

List of board candidates for Jan 22, 2022 election[edit]

  • User:Lizzard. I don't care if I'm on the board or not, but if I'm needed I'll do it. And will run on a platform of relative laissez-faire, and handing Noisebridge over to 2023 in better shape than we found it in 2021. By that I mean, I'd like us to do some infrastructure improvements and have more members and associates this year, getting closer to solvent if not all the way there. I'm willing to act as secretary temporarily until someone else steps up for it. None of these things will change whether I'm on the board or not!
  • Claus - The only reason I'm running for the board is so that I can put it on my resume. Also, it would be cool to have a nice title like "Onsite coordinator".
  • Ahmad Stein - Treasurer
  • Ryan Sternlicht
  • Carl Gorringe
  • Culteejen / TJ
  • Wheezy
  • Liz's cat, Dashboard
  • Lovi Siol
  • Corrie
  • Bryan
  • Tim - I promise to not advertise that I'm a board member and will do nothing in my capacity as a board member.
  • Elan - I'm a big fan of Noisebridge as a community and a space and I'd like to help keep it happening. I'll obviously keep being involved in NB either way but figured I'd offer my services as I have some experience with non-profits/volunteer organizations and I actually enjoy dealing with bureaucracy/local government. :D