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You are heading to Noisebridge Hackerspace at 272 Capp Street, its third location.

You see a map of the Neighborhood and 272 Capp Street.

EXITS: Street, Parking, Gate.

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Getting Here: Noisebridge is located at [1], between 17th and 18th street (37.76717 N, 122.418423 W), 2.5 blocks south of 16th Street Mission BART station.
Getting In: Press the Noisebridge "doorbell" to the right of the gate, and someone will buzz you into the space. Maps: OpenStreetMap

272 Capp Street

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Public transit is great to help plan your Bay Area travel.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is about 30 minutes away. Oakland International Airport (OAK) is about 50 minutes away.

Caltrain, Capitol Corridor Muni and BART transit systems can help get you around the Bay area on public transit.

Getting Here by BART

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train service runs 4:30am-midnight weekdays, 6am-midnight on Saturday, and 8am-midnight on Sunday. The train schedules are generally accurate to within about 3 minutes.

  • Take BART to 16th Street Mission Station
  • Get to street level via either exit
  • Walk 1 block south on Mission Street and turn left onto 17th Street.
  • Walk 1 block and turn right onto Capp Street.
  • Noisebridge is on the right, 272 Capp Street.

Getting Here By Caltrain

Caltrain service runs from 4:30am-midnight on weekdays, 7am-midnight on Saturday, and 8am-9pm on Sunday. The train schedules are generally accurate to within 10 minutes, but can often be delayed for significantly longer. Your best bet if a train doesn’t show up is to search "caltrain" on Twitter.

  • Take Caltrain to Millbrae Station
  • Walk across the northbound platform to transfer to BART
  • Wait to board the next train. As of writing, all BART trains serving Millbrae also travel to 16th Street Mission.
  • From here, see the BART directions above.

You can also take Caltrain to the 22nd Street or 4th and King Stations, but it will usually be faster to just take BART.

Getting Here by Muni

San Francisco is served by the Muni bus and light rail network. Only some lines run from 1am-5am, so called "Owl" service. Bus schedules are generally accurate to within 15 minutes. Nextbus has real-time bus arrival information. (Check stops near noisebridge here). Muni lines that pass particularly close to Noisebridge are:

14 Mission (stops one block from Noisebridge) (24 hour service)
33 Stanyan (stops one block from Noisebridge)
49 Van Ness-Mission (stops one block from Noisebridge)
22 Fillmore (24 hour service; closest stop 16th and Mission)
12 Folsom (closest stop 18th and Folsom)

Noisebridge is about a 15 minute walk from the Church St Light Rail Muni Station, served by the Muni light rail K, L, M, and T lines underground, and the J, N and F aboveground. (When riding the J Church line, it is closer to exit at the bottom of Dolores Park at 18th and Church rather than at Church and Market. The other Muni light rail lines also connect with BART at Civic Center Station; transferring to BART there may be faster than walking from Church Street.)

Getting Home by AC Transit

AC Transit's late-night bus service can get you back to the East Bay after BART stops running at midnight. As of the December 7, 2014 service change, the following routes stop on Mission Street on weekends only:

Route 800, to Richmond BART
Route 822, to Pittsburg/Bay Point BART

Connecting bus service to Fremont is available on Route 801.

AC Transit's schedule doesn't indicate whether routes 800 and 822 will stop in front of Noisebridge at 18th Street. If you know whether or not they do, please edit this article and say so.


See the San Francisco Bike Coalition bike map for bike directions to Noisebridge. Noisebridge can be found in the center-right portion of this map.

Valencia Street, 1 block west of Mission, is an official route of the San Francisco Bicycle Network, with roomy bike lanes in both directions and calm traffic. For security you should bring your bike upstairs either via the stairs or elevator. Our bike rack has room for at least 14 bikes :-)


Find us on Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.

Evening street parking in the area is difficult since the 16th and Valencia area is a popular entertainment district. Most street parking in the area is metered 9am-6pm.

There is a commercial parking garage at 42 Hoff Street, about two blocks from Noisebridge. Several BART stations outside of San Francisco city limits also have parking available. San Francisco is famous for car break-ins; you should place all your valuables in the trunk of your car.

From the East Bay

  1. From the East Bay, take I-80W (across the Bay Bridge)
  2. 1.5 miles after the Bay Bridge, exit right at "Golden Gate Bridge | North 101 | Exit 1B"
  3. in 0.5 miles exit right at a double sign that reads "Duboce Ave | Exit 434A" and "101 North | G G Br | Mission St"
  4. Bear left near the bottom of the exit
  5. At the bottom of the exit, turn left on Mission
  6. Continue south on Mission Street about 4 blocks to 272 Capp

From the South Bay

  1. From the South Bay, take US-101N
  2. Exit at Vermont St and immediately turn left on Vermont
  3. Go 2 blocks and turn left on 16th
  4. Go 1.1 miles (approx 12 blocks) and turn left on Mission Street
  5. Continue south on Mission Street 1 block and turn left onto Capp street
  6. Noisebridge is located in the middle of the block on the right side.


  1. Take I-280N
  2. Exit at San Jose Avenue
  3. Go 1.1 miles, turn right onto Randall and make an immediate left onto Mission Street
  4. Go 1.6 miles (approx 16 blocks) and turn left onto Capp Street
  5. Find yourself in front of Noisebridge!

From the North Bay

From the North Bay, take US-101S (across the Golden Gate Bridge). Continue on US-101S within San Francisco (local San Francisco streets signed as US-101S are Lombard Street and then Van Ness Avenue) until it crosses Market Street and becomes South Van Ness Avenue, then follow South Van Ness, then right on 18th, right on Capp. Just stay on Capp or Mission Street. South van mess is too crowded

To Garage at 42 Hoff

  1. Starting at Noisebridge, go 1/2 block north to 17th St.
  2. Turn left on 17th
  3. Take your first right onto Hoff St.
  4. The garage is 1/2 block ahead on the left

More Parking

Parking meters in database format:

And this book of "parking secrets":

Like some other big cities, you can sometimes get lucky and find unmetered parking if you drive around the side-streets.