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Batch 220325MAT[edit]

Kombucha decanted into bottles


Maté Kombucha 1.0

  • 16L (~4.25 gallons) water
  • 900g (~2 lb) organic evaporated cane juice sugar
  • 2L (~0.5 gallon) kombucha as starter
  • 110g (1/4 lb) dried maté leaves

Maté and many amazing teas and herbs can be sourced affordably nearby from the SF Herb Company! https://www.sfherb.com/

Shout out to Counter Culture Labs for giving me the starter, they have a wonderful collection!



A tea bag of cotton fabric was constructed, mate leaves placed within. Water was heated in a kettle and poured over the tea bag in a new 5 gallon (~20L) HDPE plastic bucket. This was repeated 4 times. The tea was steeped for approximately 10 minutes. Additional cool water was added until the volume reached 18L. With the liquid near room temperature, black tea based kombucha was added as a starter. The bucket was covered with cotton fabric secured by rubber band and left to ferment.


Half the kombucha was decanted into bottles to be served at NB14! More are needed. Please drink and bottle if you can.