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Submit a talk![edit]

Sunday the 5th of October 2009 is the last day to submit a talk. Please do it!

  • Mitch Altman sent in a proposal to do a talk with a few other microcontoller hackers -- each hacker has a few minutes to show off a cool microcontroller project, each of which points out a basic concept of microcontrollers. The overall effect is a fun overview course for learning microcontrollers. Mitch will also be doing an ongoing workshop, teaching any and all how to make cool things with microcontrollers.

Where to stay?[edit]

Renting an apartment with a group of people is a great idea. If you can book a hotel room at the Park Inn, it's near to the BCC. If you're lucky, you'll be able to link up via wifi!

How to get there?[edit]

You'll be able to find cheap tickets on Kayak.

How long are people staying?[edit]

  • Mitch Altman is going to be in Europe from 1-Dec-08 through early Jan-09. I'll start off by going to Roboexotica in Vienna on 4-Dec, then bop around with friends till a few days before 25C3 when I'll go to Berlin to hang out. (And after 25C3 I'll head to NYC for a week before going home.)

Side trips?[edit]

Things you'll want or need to get in Berlin[edit]

Who's going?[edit]

* Jake Appelbaum
*  Audrey Penven
* Mitch Altman