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272 Capp St preslats.png

You are standing at Noisebridge Hackerspace at 272 Capp Street, its third location. A gate leads to a patio. Behind the fence are a roll up door and a front door.

You see a Noisebridge Sign hanging over the gate, trash bins, and a moving truck.

EXITS: Gate, Street, Parking, Neighborhood.

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Noisebridge Hackerspace is at 272 Capp Street San Francisco, CA 94110, its third location since it moved from 2169 Mission Street.

  • It is right across from Noisebridge. You can see it from the back kitchen windows in Noisebridge.
  • It is 2 floors, 6000sq/ft total.
  • It is on the street level with a second floor accessible by stairs inside, has a roll up door, and parking.

Mailing address:

Here is our mailing address (different from our physical address):

2261 Market Street #235-A
San Francisco, CA 94114

Related[edit | edit source]

  • Todoocracy Thursdays are a good time to work together on improving 272 Capp St.
  • Meetings are often used for discussing or proposing improvements.
  • Simbridge: A 3D VR world model of Noisebridge for VRChat, Mozilla Hubs, etc. editable on Git and suitable for use in planning discussions.
  • Concepts to improve the space.
  • Proposals to actually do concepts.
  • Projects to improve the space that are underway.

272 Capp Building Features[edit | edit source]

Facilities[edit | edit source]

  • Network:
  • AV: Projectors
  • Audio: Sound systems
  • Servers: Various computers that run things around the space and in the cloud.

Planned Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Space[edit | edit source]

Layout[edit | edit source]

The layout is always in flux but especially right now as we just moved into 272 and we are still figuring out where major items like the laser cutter and future elevator go to do electrical and construction work. Feel free to propose layout changes by modifying the floor plan or one of the existing layout images. Layout dec 23 2021.png

Floorplan[edit | edit source]

You can use this as a coloring book for layout plan idea visualization to produce updated layout maps of noisebridge.


First Floor[edit | edit source]

Entrance[edit | edit source]


  • Install Electromagnetic Lock
  • Install push to exit button(s)
  • Install automatic door opener

There is a exterior 3' wide metal framed door as the main entrance to the space. It had been modified to only open inwards although the hinge mechanism is designed to swing both ways. There is a hydraulic damper that seems to have leaked all its fluid and is not functional.

(talk) 23:14, 26 September 2020 (UTC) re-modified the door so it only opens outwards in an effort towards future Safety and ADA compliance, the door will be able to be pushed open from the inside. This will also facilitate a mag lock mechanism that can be remotely actuated with a door opener.

The door latch mechanism is missing a lower mount bracket, however with the addition of the mag lock, this will no longer be functionally used.

Electromagnetic Door Lock

Note: Drawings below are to scale, there is a rendering error in the PNG converter, click on images to see full original SVG.

Front[edit | edit source]

Outdoor area in front of Noisebridge

Ground floor driveway area between Capp Street and building entrance. Source: [1]

'Turing'[edit | edit source]


Scale drawing of ground floor room on Capp St. end of building.

'Bunker'[edit | edit source]


Scale drawing of ground floor in Northwest corner of building.

'Dumper'[edit | edit source]


Scale drawing of ground floor bathroom at back of building.

Second Floor[edit | edit source]


Scale drawing (1 square per foot) of open space nearest Capp St. on 2nd Floor.


Scale drawing (1 square per foot) of room nearest Capp St. on 2nd Floor.


Scale drawing (1 square per foot) of middle room on 2nd Floor.


Scale drawing (1 square per foot) of room furthest from Capp St. on 2nd Floor.

Pyconaut Blender model images[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge 272 first floor unmodified.png Noisebridge 272 second floor unmodified.png Noisebridge 272 first floor modified.png Noisebridge 272 second floor modified.png

Videos[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]