275 8th St.

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adi writes:

The second floor of a three story concrete-frame wood-floor building is available. The ground floor houses a motorcycle/scooter shop, the third floor is also vacant but is being bid by some friends of mine and is probably out of our budget anyways.

* 6ksf quoted (uh huh, tell me another one)
* rate unknown, probably somewhere around $0.70 - $0.90
* sweatshop moved out recently
* lots of single-pane windows looking out on 8th st
* lots of noise, lots of light, lots of heat lost to the outdoors
* shared building entrance with upstairs neighbors
* 9' ceilings (?)
* serious freight elevator opens onto Clementina
* roof access (with OK of upstairs neighbors)
* floors are very not soundproof
* serious electrical (dozens of 20A circuits)
* downstairs neighbors are somewhat noisy during business hours
* scary bathrooms need demo, do-over
* nasty badly treated floorcovering needs demo, do-over
* wierd scary clothes hangers in back need removal
* no kitchen, no shower
* owner willing to do some build-out to suit (possibly incl. kitchen)