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Update (15-Dec-10):
I have rented the apartment.
We don't have any more room for people to join us during Congress,
but we do have room for people to join us for New Years Eve through 7-Jan.
Please email me if interested:
mitch *aatt* CornfieldElectronics *ddoott* com

Nick Farr rented a ton of rooms at a hostel nearby 27C3, and he also has space available between New Years and 2-Jan.
Please contact Nick for more info
info *aatt* hackersonaplane *ddoott* info
or check out the Hackers on a Plane website.

-- Mitch.

Mitch is renting an apartment in Berlin for 27C3, and a bit beyond. New Years in Berlin is totally crazy, and worth checking out! And, of course, Chaos Congress is a highlight of any year.

Mitch is renting the apartment from 26-December through 7-January. I haven't rented the place yet, so I don't know the price, but it will depend also on how many of us are there for how many days each.

After I get an idea of how many people want to share the apartment, I'll rent it, and send out the details to everyone interested.

If you would like to join in, please add your name to the table here, and the dates you think you'll like to be at the apartment

And please email me to let me know your contact info:
mitch *aatt* CornfieldElectronics *ddoott* com

Participants[edit | edit source]

name from until
Mitch Dec-26 Jan-07
Jimmie Rodgers Dec-26 Jan-07
Ellen Dudley Dec-26 Jan-07
Adrian Avendano Dec-26 Jan-07
Martin Dec-27 Jan-04
Thomas (socialhack) Dec-26 Jan-04
Steve (SYN2cat) Dec-26 Dec-31
Brainsmoke (Revspace) Dec-26 Jan-01
gmc (revspace) Dec-26 Dec-31
another thomas Dec-27 Jan-01
Okkie (CCC) Dec-27 Dec-31
Esther Ton Dec-27 Dec-31
Eric Dec-26 Dec-30
Jamie Dec-26 Dec-30
Tazo ozato (Whitespace), Jan-03 Jan-02
fs111 (Whitespace) Jan-03 Jan-05
_ptr (Hackerspace Brussels) Jan-03 Jan-05
sandb (Whitespace) Jan-03 Jan-05
Koen (Whitespace) Jan-03 Jan-05