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What is it?[edit | edit source]

It's a hacker conference in Berlin, taking place December 27th - 30th 2010.


Who's going?[edit | edit source]

Member of Noisebridge? Friends and family of Noisebridge? If you feel like this could be helpful to others, please fill out this contact list as fully as you like.

User Arrival Departure Housing (Local) Number Digital Contact (Email, VoIP, IM) Other Destinations Notes
Ben Rupert Dec 30th Jan 2nd Some apartment? meowdip@gmail.com Istanbul, London
Mitch Altman Dec 26th Jan 7th shared apt in Prenzlauer Berg maltman23 *aatt* hotmail *ddoott* com NYC from 7-Jan to 13-Jan will set up Hardware Hacking Area
rubin110 Dec 26th Dec 30th Some apartment? Email, Skype, XMPP Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Goteborg, Reykjavik Might run Google Latitude for shits and giggles
Jesse Zbikowski Dec 26 Dec 31? Prenzlauerberg Twitter Vienna; Poland Also attending Roboexotica
Mikolaj Dec 27th Jan 3rd Mitch's apartment dichro@rcpt.to London, Zurich, Dornoch
Sai Dec 26?? Jan 1st ??? ccc@saizai giving intro cogsci talk
Peter Youngmeister Dec 24th Jan 4th the rubin appartment. peteryoungmeister@gmail.com ??? I'm looking for fun 1/2-1/4

Noisebridge Peace Mission[edit | edit source]

miloh is organizing a 27c3 Peace Mission at Noisebridge. Streaming feeds, steaming foods, shadow sessions and sudo pop.

SIM cards[edit | edit source]

From an email I sent out last year...

So a couple of us went to a copy shop on the other side of Alexander Platz that also rents bikes. They had o2 sim cards and a 15€ charge card. You get 1€ to start off with with the sim card. Take a look at this page to figure out how to get data...


I'm about to go with the Internet M package which offers 200mb download at 3G speeds then bumps down to GPRS speeds after that cap, unlimited.

If I remember right it was another 8-10€ to start up the M package in addition to the cost of the SIM.

Christie responded back stating that another company called Fonic resold O2 SIMs under their own brand at a cheaper cost. Their site doesn't have any information on how much the cards were, but the data service is about 10€ for 500mb. They can be found at these locations.

Additionally keep in mind that most larger stores will be closed on Sundays.

--rubin110 03:47, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

Other cool stuff happening then[edit | edit source]