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With two days of delay, I'm again updating on what were my activities within the project help Japan. In the last newsletter I've planed to do these tasks (before 26/5):

- get a job which will help me to meet the budget for the project – done, I'm starting at Javas Caffe in the kitchen on Monday 30/5 as a part timer

- sign up for the Tokyo Hacker space mailing list/Google group – done I'm updated on the activities in this hacker center through their mailing list

- developing the project of experimental incubator which could be great help for my endeavors in Japan (and else where) - it is going to be worked on within the group of 091 Brew Masters which I'm cofounding and which is the subgroup of 091 Labs Hacker Center

- get in touch with Japanese people and community in Galway – I've been on the Japanese day, meeting several people and getting a contact on a meeting point which is one of the “Japanese owned Sushi place in Galway”

- improve the production and promotion of fermented beverages which I could teach later on in Japan – this is going to be worked on within the 091 brew master group, next meeting is on 1/6/2011 focusing on production of beverages from elderflower and experimental incubator assembly and trial

The activities which I would like to carry out before 4/6/2011 are going to be:

- visit in person the “Japanese center in Galway” keep an eye on the activities of Japanese Society of Galway (facebook)

- work on the development of the experimental incubator (Thursday 1/6/2011)

- plan the elderflower experiment and share the honey cooler and kombucha drinks promoting the fermented drinks in the community and getting the support

- checking the options and prises of Japanese courses in Galway

- send another update email before 4/6/2011 (Saturday)

Have a good time and please if you have any suggestions or news about Japan which you would like to share, do so on the mailing list or at the wikies