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[edit] Noisebridge 311

311 is Noisebridge's own local, non-emergency contact number. Dial 14154498862 ext 311.

If there is a real emergency (fire, floods, foes, fenestration) always CALL 911 first.

You should probably call Noisebridge 311 after that though.

[edit] Calling 311

  • Pick up one of the local payphones, and dial 311 (you won't be charged for this call)
  • ..Or dial 1-415-449-8862 (1-415-HIWUTNB) from any phone and type '311' at the prompt.

A text message will be sent to a group of people who have volunteered, and you'll be dropped into a conference call, which the volunteers will use to get organized. Stay on the line, and explain things there.

  • If power or Internet is down at NB, use your phone to email a message with your phone number and the nature of the non-emergency to nb311 at the name of the hackerspace, dot net. Someone will call you back.

[edit] Volunteering

If you'd like to volunteer to be on the 311 rosta, please mail secretary at noisebridge.net, and give a SMS gateway address for your phone (something like <yournumber>@tmomail.net) . Here's a useful list of SMS gateways for many of the phone providers.

Occasionally you will get a message on your phone that says something like:

   415-555-12345 (Norton Joshua) just called Noisebridge 311. Please call XXXX

Call the number given to join a conference call.

Often calls require visiting the space or organizing assistance for those in the space.

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