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     What: 3Dponics workshop for building your own 3D-printable hydroponics system using recycled plastic bottles and 3D-printed components
     When: Time to be announced, Friday, August 15th
     Where: Noisebridge. Getting Here
     Who: Makers and people who love to build things, hackers, gardening enthusiasts, anyone who wants to learn more about 3D printing
     Cost: FREE -- Just come and enjoy!

Workshop Itinerary[edit]

  • Part 1: Introduction. Who is 3Dprintler? Where are we located? What do we do?
  • Part 2: What is 3Dponics? A general overview of the 3Dponics system and how it works. We'll show you the key 3D-printed components (drip nozzle, conduit, silencer) and explain their function and importance.
  • Part 3: Why build a 3Dponics system? Here, we'll discuss the benefits of using 3Dponics, from access to clean, fresh and 3Dlicious food to energy savings.
  • Part 4: Live demo! We will build a basic 3Dponics system for Noisebridge to keep, so you can see exactly how the system works.
  • Part 5: What does the future hold? We'll share with you our vision for 3Dponics--a completely autonomous, Internet-enabled hydroponics system that's powered by solar panels and an online community where people can share knowledge, post upgrades and hacks, sell/trade what they grow and help each other out.
  • Part 6: Group discussion and Q&A


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