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Greetings to all!

I've not managed to get sufficient resources to be able to leave for Japan before 10 of May and I've to be in Europe for CCC summer camp between 8-15 of August. I've decided that I'll go to Ireland and work there to get the resources to cover the budget for going to Japan. Based on my previous experience I should be able to do so within 4-5 months without problems.

I plan to update the wiki pages and send an email about the progress of this project on weekly bases. That will help me to keep organized and systematic and you will be updated on what is going on hopefully finding your way how to get involved.

I'll write in person to the contributors to find out if they are fine with me leaving later on or if they would like to receive their funds back. I've secured already around 1/3 of the resources for the later date. I'll also offer for discussion a dead line for covering the budget and options what to do if the budget is not met on the time.

I'm sorry for not going straight away, this is the best solution which I can now think off. I plan to further develop food and beverage culturing techniques in Ireland which I want to implement in Japan. I'll continue in contacting a volunteer organization and different hacker projects in Japan as I did until now. I'll update you on this later on.

Have a good time and thanks both for your support and patients,