5MoF/2009/10 15

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2009-10-15 "October 5MoF code" (aestetix)

"EFF Announcement" (Seth Schoen)
"Educational Game Demo" (Alex Peake)
"The Gregorian Calendar Is Old and Busted" (Deleted)
"'Thanks a Lot!' Nov. 25th Projection and Broadcast" (Feel Real Neil)
"Building a Multimedia Center in Cuba"  (Frantisek Apfelbeck)
"YHBT" (BJ Epstein)
"Reflections on The Raft" (Naomi Most)
"The Bill of Rights (lets pretend the Bush Administration never happened)" (Dennis Collective)
"Into the Frequency Domain with an Analog Synthesizer" (Jonathan Foote)
"On the Benefits of Dead Trees" (Josh Myer)
"Burning Man, or Our Drug Vacation" (Rubin and Eddie)

The event was held at 8PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.