5MoF/2010/06 17

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“The 7 Habits of Terrible Presenters” (Josh Berkus)
“Fairy Juicer Robot” (davidfinedavidfinedavidfine)
“East African Ge’ez syllabary” (Rachel McConnell)
“Did Eric Clapton Lose His Timing in One or Two Popular Songs?” (Bill Nye)
“Reinventing The Tapestry” (Quirk)
“Facial Feminization Surgery: one account” (Mikolaj Habryn)
“Five Minute Press Release” (AJ Cook)
“Evolve or Die” (Christie Dudley)
“Basically an Excuse to Show Pictures of my Robots” (Jonathan Foote)
“Artikulator” (Mike Rotondo and Luke Iannini)

The event was held at 8:30PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.