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Five Minutes of Fame: Noisebridge Gala Edition!
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Five Minutes of Fame - A Celebration[edit]

Saturday Night March 9th at Noisebridge Hackerspace

This will be a Special Edition 5MoF for the Noisebridge Gala!!!
Gala Event Details on Meetup

Everyone is welcome to give a talk! Get your minutes of fame (five only)! Add your name and title of your presentation; optionally include a link if anyone wants to learn more.

We're also looking for our memorable speakers and talks from previous 5MoF that we would like to hear from again. Please submit your favorite speakers, or nominate yourself! If you are proposing a speaker, please send them an invite and cc fundraising[at]noisebridge.net

Please also include contact details so that organizers can notify you in case the event needs to be canceled or postponed. A user page with details suffices as well. The order of talks listed here is subject to the whims of the master of ceremonies.

Nominated and Self-Nominated Speakers List[edit]

0. your name - topic



3. your name - topic



6. your name - topic



9. your name - topic

Notes and Buzz[edit]

" it might be cool to have talks about historical projects" "I’d love to hear the full story of the flaschen taschen" "flaschentaschen, spacebridge, sparkleforge, lockers?" "why are the meetings we have like they are" or "why isn't there a kitchen" ^ could be good 5mof topics?