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Noisebridge provides three areas to present events and teach classes from that offer ways to project video and play sounds.

I want to use the AV system![edit]

Please select what you would like to do:

I am in the Church or Turing classroom[edit]

  • Give a class or presentation display content (visual with optional audio) from my laptop, phone or tablet
  • Play audio from my laptop, phone or tablet

I am in the Hackatorium[edit]

  • Give a class or presentation display content (visual with optional audio) from my laptop, phone or tablet
  • Talk through the PA system with a microphone
  • Play audio from my laptop, phone or tablet
  • Play music from SomaFM with little to no hassle


Why are all these systems locked?[edit]

In the past Noisebridge's AV systems have been randomly put together through necessity without much thought of reliability for others to use after their installations. The projector wouldn't be pointing in the right direction, or moved elsewhere in the space, or a needed adapter and cable would be missing because someone decided to use it on another computer in another room without replacing it.

The idea with the current system is to provide a really easy means of having a presenter or teacher come to the space and start giving a class or talk without needing to figure out how to make the AV system work, or to hunt down missing cables and other components so they could plug in. Everything that's involved in making this system work is now anchored down.

But I would like to hack on this system because something is broken or I want to make it better![edit]

Due to the nature of Noisebridge hacking is always allowed, however we're hoping that with how "locked down" this system is, needless hacking that'll end up in a broken system for future teachers and presenters will be discouraged.

If you feel like you want to help make the A/V setup even better or simply want to understand how it all works, there are other hackers willing to meet up with you, show you the insides of the lock boxes and potentially give you access. To contact us please send an email to the A/V mailing list.

How do I use the projector and/or sound system in the Hackatorim?[edit]

  1. Bring down the screen with the remote screwed to the column.
  2. Turn on the projector with the remote anchored to the av black box.
  3. Go to video in specific section below.
  4. Go to the mixer and make sure the volume knobs for "Floor LineIn" and "Master" are higher than 0.
  5. If you need a mic, there's the grab mic screwed into the column. If you need a floor mic please ask someone there to help you.
  6. Do your event.
  7. Turn off the projector.
  8. Roll up the screen.
  9. Roll up and hang the floor cables.
  10. When in doubt, ask around.


  1. Make sure the projector says DSUB on the screen, otherwise use the VGA button on the remote.
  2. There's a hook above the black box where the floor cables are hanging, grab the cables.
  3. Plug in VGA and the line in audio cable into your laptop.
  4. Tell your laptop to push out video over VGA.
  5. Go to general overview next step.