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You are looking at the Access control panel. It connects to the doorbell, keycode Payphone and RFID Token reader for the Gate and Front Door monitored by the Security Camera. It is controlled by the SHED.

EXITS: Entrance, Gate, Patio

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Access control systems at Noisebridge allow people to enter via Payphone code, RFID Token swiping, or doorbell buzzing for Getting in.

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The page needs an update to reflect details of the new system.

Access Control[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge has tended towards default-open since its creation. At various times in the past, this hasn't worked so well.

There is a list of accredited RFID tags, along with their access level. It is kept on a Raspberry Pi.

Access policies[edit | edit source]

As designed by Mitch and the Access Control committee.

  1. Noisebridge is as open as possible
  2. The Greeter is responsible for closing the space at night.
  3. Noisebridge is open from 10am-11pm daily as long as there is a person available to let people in.
  4. The last person to leave at night is responsible for closing the space

Greeting People[edit | edit source]

When you have active access and know how to greet people, then you may open the door for people who ring the bell. If the person is new, be sure to give them a tour. If you let a person in, then you are responsible for the person while they are in the space.

When you let the person in, it is excellent to shut the front door behind you so that others may follow in your excellence by greeting other people in the same fashion.

Being a Guest[edit | edit source]

If the person responsible for you is leaving, then you need to leave with them or find someone else to be responsible for you.

2169 Hardware[edit | edit source]

RFID reader at the top doors (elevator & staircase). Door strikes for both. Controlled by a raspberry pi.

  • Henner has built an access control circuit for the Raspberry Pi. We have door strikes, readers, and some relays.
  • Only the board & officers could edit the list of accredited tags

Old Access Pages[edit | edit source]