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[edit] Access Control

Noisebridge has tended towards default-open since its creation. At various times in the past, this hasn't worked so well.

[edit] Hardware

RFID reader at the top doors (elevator & staircase). Door strikes for both. Controlled by a raspberry pi.

[edit] Access policies

As designed by Mitch and the Access Control committee.

  1. Members are allowed in the space at all times.
  2. Guests of members are allowed whenever the member is in the space
  3. Unaffiliated guests are allowed whenever the Greeter is in the space
  4. The Greeter is responsible for closing the space at night.

[edit] Access Control

There is a list of accredited RFID tags, along with their access level. It is kept on a Raspberry Pi.

Only the board & officers may edit the list of accredited tags

[edit] The Greeter

When there is an active Greeter and the space is open to the general public, that status is configured (maybe with a simple switch). When the system is in this state, pressing the downstairs doorbell automatically buzzes open the gate. Otherwise, it works as normal. The greeter override is not active after 11pm.

[edit] Tasks

Henner is building an access control circuit for the Raspberry Pi. We have door strikes, readers, and some relays.

  1. Build a shelf for hardware. Run power and network
  2. Install standard door-knobs in both the elevator door and stair door
  3. Install the strike in the top door
  4. Construct a strike-holder for the elevator gate
  5. Build SPI <-> Serial bridge, adjacent to RFID readers
  6. Mount readers
  7. Run cabling.
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