Adafruit Bulk Order

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Bulk order from You would pay retail, get free shipping, and Adafruit hackerspace discount would go to NB.

Name/handle what (optional) approx cost
Jtfoote 2 motor shields $40
Sean C 3x Protoshield PCB only, 1x Wingshield, 1x Music & Sound add-on Pack, 1x Motor Partaaay Pack! $105
Sean C 1x Arduino Uno, 1x Motor Shield, 1x Arduino Enclosure, 2x Standard LCDs (16x2) w/ extras $88.50
jake 1x SD/MicroSD Memory Card (2 Gig) - ID: 102 $12
jake 1x Thermocouple Amplifier (MAX6675) breakout board - v1.0 - ID: 269 $17.50
Miah Bus Pirate - BPV3b $30
Miah Bus pirate basic probe set $7
dpf arm board + ftdi friend $55
miloh 2 chumby BO's (backorder if not in stock) $178
name stuff cost