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Adhacking's mission is to hack ad rates using nonprofit status to promote hackerspaces. There should be a major banner near every hackerspace in the world. Let's hack the planet one billboard at a time.

Here we can gather plans of how to best do this to promote particular hackerspaces with local banners and in general.


A big billboard somewhere near a hackerspace would invite a lot of cool people to check it out.


  1. √ Gauge Interest: Ask around local hackerspace mailing list, sounds like people are interested
  2. Design: Come up with a first design to test out, give people actionable steps on a special welcome page
  3. Design Selection: Pick a favorite design for the board and landing page to start with
  4. Analytics: Make a simple questionnaire asking people how they found the hackerspace. Maybe a one-click touch interface?
  5. Target: Pick a spot for it
  6. Funding: Crowdsource money for it
  7. Deployment: Put it up
  8. Observation: Observe the people who show up.
  9. Data: How awesome are they?

Data Questions[edit]

    • How many become members?
    • How many heard about hackerspaces before seeing the billboard?
    • How many are students?
    • How many already have projects they want to bring in?
    • How many are of which demographics?

Done Steps[edit]

Ad Crowdsourcing Sites[edit]

  • There are two sites that help with crowdsourcing funding:

Good Examples[edit]

Design Sharing[edit]

  • There's lots of clever hackers who could come up with designs for billboards for hackerspaces or other cool ideas.
  • Fewer words are better depending on pedestrian or highway, 8 is a suggested number
  • List links to your ideas here and/or post them to the mailing list thread

Design Idea: They're Not What You Think[edit]


        (they're not what you think)
              --  TEACH, LEARN, SHARE  WHAT YOU LOVE
             Find one near you:

Design Idea: creativity & technology[edit]


        (creativity & technology workspaces)
              --  TEACH, LEARN, SHARE  WHAT YOU LOVE
             Find one near you:

"At your local hackerspace"[edit]

Make friends and build robots 
(at your local hackerspace)
Brew beer and learn to code 
(at your local hackerspace)
Stitch, solder, and socialize 
(at your local hackerspace)
Sew, solder and socialize instead? - Rikke

Cryptic QR Code[edit]

This idea is more geared towards the part of the public that already knows that hacking is cool and good, but just doesn't know about hackerspaces. Can also do non-QR code versions to find hackers without smartphones. The general idea is to be targeting people who might consider themselves hackers or makers rather than having to explain to the general public that hackers are cool before explaining that their spaces are cool also.

Hacker Tracker [QR Code for]

Hackers @ Home [QR Code for]

Hackers In Your Hood [QR Code for]

Nonprofit Rates[edit]

  • Matt Spergel said the rates were really low for nonprofit PSAs: His cost $1200
  • School Factory could help with nonprofit status for hackerspaces that don't have their own yet.


  • Anyone who wants to spearhead aspects of this project can volunteer contact info here
    • Alex Peake I just suggested it and it sounds like lots of people have ideas!
    • Ken Adler