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15.6. ~8pm, Noisebridge


Metaclasses (Almir)
ctypes (justin)
Object composition vs. MI (cubes)

Possible Topics[edit]

import hooks

Python has some really impressive libraries. I've been using a few, most of which I'm not an expert in: Jtfoote 12:48, 10 June 2009 (PDT)

  • wxPython: powerful GUI widget library w threads and other good stuff) + wxGlade GUI graphical editor
  • numPy/sciPi: Matlab-killer numeric/matrix/optimization/DSP routines + matplotlib for interactive plotting
  • pyAudio: cross-platform access to audio I/O
  • pySerial: talk to your Arduino or other gear
  • pyGame: graphics and sound library for writing games
  • reportlib: generate PDF