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Advanced Geometry Community of San Francisco is for people who would like to study/teach advanced topics in geometry.

Learning advanced topics typically require majoring in the related subject and then pursuing an advanced degree. The alternative is to gather with enthusiasts to form a long-term community and make the learning process a part of our lives. This community mainly aims to have recurring event series to learn specific geometry topics by following a curriculum, textbooks and discussion. The meetings are not meant to replace one’s daily efforts on learning geometry (e.g. attending seminars taking place in the Bay Area or attending online lectures), but rather to complement those efforts. Interests of the audience will determine if there should be a series of lectures for topology, algebraic geometry, differential topology, non-Euclidean geometry, Riemannian geometry, or any other topic.

The meetings will also include talks, reading group events and social gatherings.

  • WHEN: Thursday nights 6-8PM PST
  • WHERE: Upstairs.
  • CHANNELS: There is a dedicated Discord server for watch parties and discussion on meetings & resources.
  • ORGANIZERS: User:skarakas