Advanced Introduction to GnuPG

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Neal Walfield is giving a technical talk on GnuPG. His bio, and the abstract for the talk, can be found below. He has been in town to present this talk at OpenDNS, so this is your chance to catch it at Noisebridge!

A recording is available for viewing and download at


Thursday, 11/03/2016, estimated at 7pm. Talk runs 45 minutes, free to the public, and ends with a Q&A that typically runs just as long. Bring your questions!


GnuPG is a powerful tool. In this practical presentation, I will start with an overview of OpenPGP, the messaging protocol that GnuPG implements. Then, I will explain GnuPG's architecture, some good practices, and some neat tricks. This talk is specifically targeted at people who already have a basic understanding of how GnuPG works, and are interested in understanding what's under the hood.


Neal has been hacking on and contributing to free software for over 20 years. Among other projects, he has contributed to GNU Hurd and GPE (the GNU Palm Environment). After g10code's highly successful fund raising campaign at the end of 2014 for GnuPG, he was hired by Werner Koch to work on GnuPG. During the past two years at g10code, Neal has implemented the new trust on first use (TOFU) trust model, and fixed GNOME Keyring to better interact with GnuPG, among other things.