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Amateur Radio is the use of portions of the radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial purposes by licensed amateurs to exchange messages and other information.

Amateur radio operators are usually knows as "hams", and have existed as communities throughout the world for much longer than hackerspaces have been a thing.

There are some members of the Noisebridge community who have their amateur radio licenses. This page is used to coordinate their hobbyist activity in the space.

Remote Control Station @ Noisebridge[edit]

Many of the licensed amateurs in the Noisebridge community don't have the ability to mount large antennas needed for HF communication at their homes. Noisebridge however has roofspace, connectivity, and a pretty decent location for radio communications with minimal obstacles in the way. Why then not have a remote-control station for operation at Noisebridge?

This project is in its infancy and needs equipment planning / cost work done to figure out how feasible it'd be.


User:SteeleNivenson made a list of some of the analog radio gear. Interested people: