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Our excellent library


[edit] Books!

If you use a book or like it, and want to make sure it doesn't get weeded, please write your name or something indicative of your interest on the inside front cover.

Noisebridge has a lot of them and only some of them are currently sorted and shelved. Most of them can be found in shelves and boxes on the west side of the space, near the lounge.

[edit] Barcode Scanner Workstation

11/12/15 - The Dead Tree Library now has a workstation with a dedicated book scanner and barcode database.

The code is here.

To use this system, follow the instructions in the project's There is also a descriptive photo.

Future: Hit the openlibrary API and get metadata for each barcode in the database.

[edit] Sorting (DEPRECATED)

The books are currently for the most part sorted thanks to Al. Proposed systems to help keep the books mostly organized:

  • Color code or number shelves and books. Books that belong on the "Yellow" shelf will have a yellow sticker on it.
  • Leave it chaos
  • bar codes or QR codes or library of congress index numbers

[edit] Library Catalog

A library catalog system for Noisebridge would be awesome! Here are some requirements, adding items to this list doesn't actually mean anything.

Cataloging and checkout are separable problems.

[edit] High Priority

  • Open source software with a nice license that wont fuck us over in the future.
  • Web based.
  • Quickly add books to the library via ISBN or bar code scan. patrickod is working on this here
  • Book search returns the last known location of a book (such as "Green Shelf" or "Book Case 8").
  • Books can have a checked out status in addition to its last known location, date of check out should be displayed.
  • Users can check out books without the need to register, as in when they check out a book it'll ask for a name and email, blank entries should be allowed as anonymous.
  • Users who leave an email address will get a reminder email with a list of books they have checked out once a week.

[edit] Low Priority

  • Integration with
  • Book search returns results with descriptions and a cover scraped from some other part of the internet.
  • Library database in an open format to easily export later on.
  • Ability to use a barcode scanner.

[edit] Possible Solutions

[edit] Other Hackespaces with Libraries

[edit] Suggested Books

People with experience and opinions about various topics can add recommendations below for books we should buy for the library.

[edit] Mathematics

Curated by: begriffs

Title Author ISBN
Calculus Spivak 978-0914098911
Calculus Vol 1 Apostol 978-0471000051
Calculus Vol 2 Apostol 978-0471000075
Principles of Mathematical Analysis Rudin 978-0070856134
Real and Complex Analysis Rudin 978-0070542341
Calculus on Manifolds Spivak 978-0805390216
Counterexamples in Analysis Gelbaum 978-0486428758
Linear Algebra Done Right Axler 978-3319110790
Linear Algebra Problem Book Halmos 978-0883853221
Algebra Lang 978-0387953854
Algebra Isaacs 978-0821847992
Topology Munkres B004DX5K5K
General Topology Kelley 978-0923891558
Counterexamples in Topology Steen 978-0486687353
Beginning Logic Lemon 978-0915144501
A Mathematical Introduction to Logic Enderton 978-0122384523
Mathematical Logic Ebbinghaus 978-0387942582
Model Theory Marker 978-0387987606
Set Theory Jech 978-3540440857
Elementary Geometry from an Advanced Standpoint Moise 978-0201508673
Introduction to Geometry Coxeter 978-0471504580
Geometry: Euclid and Beyond Hartshorne 978-0387986500

[edit] Electronics

Curated by: Dakota

Title Author ISBN
Getting Started in Electronics Mims III, Forrest M. 978-0945053286
The Art of Electronics Horowitz, Paul 978-0521809269

[edit] Books of Interest - Aestetix

Curated by: aestetix

Title Author Suggested By
Godel Escher Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid Douglas R Hofstader aestetix
The Art of Computer Programming Don Knuth aestetix
1984 George Orwell aestetix
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy aestetix
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card aestetix
The Code Book Simon Singh aestetix
Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson aestetix
Code Charles Petzold aestetix
The Annotated Turing Charles Petzold aestetix
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce aestetix
Ulysses James Joyce aestetix
The Magus John Fowles aestetix
The Collector John Fowles aestetix
The French Lieutenant's Woman John Fowles aestetix
Technopoly Neil Postman aestetix
The Illuminatus! Trilogy Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson aestetix
Shrodinger's Cat Robert Anton Wilson aestetix
The Fountainhead Ayn Rand aestetix
Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand aestetix
The Hacker Crackdown Bruce Sterling aestetix
I, Robot Isaac Asimov aestetix
Snow Crash Neal Stephenson aestetix
The Gold Bug Variations Richard Powers aestetix
The Codebreakers David Kahn aestetix
Gravity's Rainbow Thomas Pynchon aestetix
Little Brother Cory Doctorow aestetix

[edit] Books of Interest - Mitch

Curated by: Mitch

V Thomas Pynchon Mitch
Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace Mitch
White Noise Don DeLillo Mitch
In Search of Lost Time Marcel Proust Mitch
The Sound and the Fury William Faulkner Mitch
Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut Mitch
Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture Arthur Evans Mitch
Foucault's Pendulum Umberto Eco Mitch
Quantum Psychology Robert Anton Wilson Mitch
In the Absence of the Sacred Jerry Mander Mitch
Dancer From the Dance Andrew Holleran Mitch
An Arrow's Flight Mark Merlis Mitch
To the Lighthouse Virginia Woolf Mitch
The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie Mitch
Passage to India E. M. Forster Mitch
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