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Noisebridge is an art project you can edit, Artbridge group decorates it.[edit]

Artbridge Art Hacking meets 8PM on Wednesdays to collaborate on art projects, and learn about different techniques and styles. Come bring your own ideas!

Learning to make art[edit]

Artbridge mentoring tutorials will cover how to make 2D and 3D art with a number of tools you can try beforehand to be prepared:

  • Mac/Windows/Linux Software
    • GIMP bitmap editing FREE
    • Blender 3D modeling/animation FREE
  • Mac/Windows Software
  • Physical art tools
    • Canvas, paint and paintbrushes (there are usually some in the shop for canvas and murals)
    • Pencils and lightbox for drawing 2D animation frames
    • How-to-draw books are essential to study and learn about human figure drawing, action poses, perspectives, etc.
    • A pocket Moleskine notebook is a good thing to have to sketch in every day to improve as an artist. Bring your sketchbook to class.

Decorating Noisebridge[edit]

Proposing Art Excellently[edit]

These are some suggestions on ways to do art both doocratically and excellently by asking around for input.

  • If you have an idea for excellent art, share your idea with others.
  • Put together a description and concept art and post it here under proposed art projects.
  • Post a link to Noisebridge-discuss
  • Share it on the #general and #artbridge slack channels and #noisebridge@freenode.
  • Show it to random people and solicit feedback
  • Show others who may want to help make your art or do more art inspired by what you're doing

Mobile Art[edit]

If your art is non-permanently installable (hung from a wall rather than painted directly on it), great!

  • you can put it up with some asking around for feedback in a place that seems excellent.

Installation Art[edit]

If your art is permanently altering the space (painted on a wall for example), discuss!

  • Post your idea proposal to the mailing list so people have time to understand what you want to do.
  • Do people like the idea? Get opinions on the best place to install the art.
  • What things will happen in the location? (Will shelves be moved that could cover your art up?)
  • Can art inspire people doing activities at a location? (Tesla overlooks numerous oscilloscopes.)
  • Does it need to be a mural or could you hang it for increased longevity when the space is rearranged?
  • Does what you're doing fit the description you gave or has it scope creeped into something different than what people expect?

Art Modifications[edit]

  • Do-acracy requires following our one rule: Be excellent to each other!
  • Being excellent means not going ahead and doing something you think others may object to.
  • But if it seems others would be fine with it, then, do it!
  • If, along the way (or after), you find that there are objections, then you have to be willing to undo it.
  • And the people with objections should be willing to help. (Assuming the artist acted in good faith.)
  • That's Do-acracy, in action. As we've seen it at Noisebridge since it's beginning.
  • In the event that paint needs to be removed, Goof-off spray], a few minutes to soften up and a metal spatula can scrape off most kinds of canned paint.

Current Art Projects[edit]

Turing Room[edit]

The Turing room is a small classroom area suitable for teaching and group meetings.

Equation Wall[edit]

The Equation Wall features some of the most profound equations known to humankind. Million of hours of work has gone into discovering the 30 core equations that relate to the natural laws that govern our existence.

Brain Theme[edit]

Left Brain Equation Wall[edit]
Right Brain ?????? Wall[edit]
Neural pathways Ceiling[edit]

Proposed Art Projects[edit]

Women in our hacker culture mural[edit]

Art Supply Resources[edit]

Scrap SF

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

Art in the space[edit]

Documented art found in the space.

Noise Square Table[edit]

MakerFaire 2015table01.jpg

The Noise Square Table has pulsing LED-lit rainbow Noisebridge symbol powered by an Arduino.

  • Artists: Jarrod Hicks, Howard Tsu, Julio Talavera, Torrie, Olivier, Andrew, John, Amber, Signal, Jake


The Tesla mural is everybody's favorite wireless inventor.


  • Artist: Add name here

LED Raindrops[edit]

The LED raindrops cascade falling light around the space in groups of 3. Artist: Torrie


Noisebridge has an original Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED Mooninite that was amongst those that triggered the Boston Massive Overreaction Scare.



Noisebridge's Payphone is a 2600-style free VOIP phone that can call anywhere in the world.

Noisebridge RedPayPhone1.png