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Noisebridge operates on an "Ask to Leave" policy. This means that anyone is empowered to ask anyone else to leave if they feel they're being unexcellent, and have first tried to resolve it through discussion.

Resolve Conflicts[edit]

First attempt to resolve the situation through discussion.
Do review the discussion guidelines suggested in our excellent Conflict Resolution writeup.

Noisebridge is a community, and community can be hard. Asking someone to leave without first trying the suggestions mentioned in the Conflict Resolution writeup is considered very unexcellent.
And weaponising "Ask to Leave" to fit your own personal priorities even more so.

Discuss with others[edit]

If someone is being unexcellent in the space, and you can't reach a resolution with them, first discuss with others in the space to double-check your feelings on the matter. If you're worried about confronting this person alone, gather others present around the space together to help assist you to make your case.

Asking someone to leave[edit]

It's important when asking someone to leave to not invite them to a Tuesday meeting. Tuesday meetings are not a place for drama to be hashed out in front of the community, they're a productive time for non-drama.

Further Mediation[edit]

If you feel like the situation can be resolved through mediation, seek a sponsor in the community willing to mediate the conflict and ask the Safe Space Working Group to schedule a meeting.
This overall process is described in our Mediation writeup. Please read it.

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