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audioChurch Potluck[edit]

audioChurch is a bi-monthly Noisebridge event where anyone interested shares their own audio/visual projects. Instruments/DIY Projects/VJ Gear/Effects Pedals/Software & Hardware/Pre-recorded Music are all welcome. Join us every other Sunday at 4pm for this 90 minute show and tell, which regularly devolves into a musical freakfest.

Up-to-date details are available on:[edit]

The event is always free, but you want to donate to audioChurch?[edit]

You can fund audioChurch through the Gnar project at Noisebridge by clicking here. The event itself is completely free, but we warmly welcome any and all donations to help grow the event / resources available at Noisebridge. If you feel compelled to donate, please do on the GNAR Donation page.

We're excited to see you soon at Noisebridge!![edit]


Join us for this Noisebridge Audio Show and Tell Potluck[edit]

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Your Name Project Name Brief Description
James S. Sidrassi Repair I repaired a broken instrument that is sounding great!
Mitch ArduTouch updated Arduino library, and new synths, including a drum machine
Tim Gallant Max/MSP MIDI generation
Your Name Project Name Brief Description