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BBS Door Games are the game apps that run on BBS systems like Noisebridge BBS.

OG BBS Door Games[edit | edit source]

BBS games are called "Door" games because they each have a "door" command to enter them from the BBS main menu.

Trade Wars 2002[edit | edit source]

To play, create an account on the BBS using a Telnet client like Netrunner.

  1. Add the Noisebridge BBS to the Directory
  2. Connect
  3. Create a Noisebridge BBS account
  4. Once you get to the Door List, type in tw02
  5. Join the Brokedown game server
  6. Press T to play
  7. Create an account
  8. Enter numbers of systems to hyperspace jump.
  9. Plot a course to Sol (System #1) to pick up colonists to ferry back to your home planet.
  10. Good luck figuring out the rest, I haven't played since I had a modem!
  11. If you want to join the Noisebridge corp, contact LX on Discord.

Trade Wars: Space sim BBS door game sandbox similar to modern space sims like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen but with text.

The Trade Wars 2002 splash screen:

Tradewars splash.JPG

What you see when you create your first character.


Darkness[edit | edit source]

Darkness is a badass cyberpunk game.

Darknesss decker.JPG

You can kill your fellow Runners for fun, fame and profit.

Darknesss first kill.JPG

There are ancient ruined computer systems to hack into filled with remnants of Cyberpunk-era black ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics).

Darkness black ice.JPG