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We are experimenting with the use of badges and sharing of methods of badge creation to help guilds create their own badges to perform social discovery, skill credentialing and any number of other possible functions.

CHANNELS: NB Discuss Thread on badge creation

Proposed Badge Program[edit]

  • Fabric adafruit-style velcro patch badges as entry-level skill.
  • Documenting our methods of badge creation such as fabric embroidery printer and new PCB board making using electronics guild techniques.
  • Creation of new badges to award for things like lasercutting certification.

Historical proposal to starting doing things with badges[edit]

A group of individuals is considering options to augment social interactions between Noisebridge users. possibly in the form of

  • badges? like LED nametags
  • patches? like girl scouts
  • keychains?
  • all of them?
  • "the coolest, shiniest, awesomest membership cards slash ID badges ever devised. "

RFID or anything like that is a bad idea for privacy because outside of the space, people could track noisebridgers who were just walking around. We are specifically discussing ideas that allow for visual sorting, so users of the space can look around and see data about their fellow users.

  • Incorporating QR codes?
  • AR tags??
  • using 3d prints of noisebridge door key (with nifty snap-in peer-to-peer physical authentication)

Ways to produce them:

  • Laser cut wood or plastic or fabric
  • 3d printed shapes
  • CNC embroidery (ought to buy the machine for noisebridge!)
  • cross stitch

People who are interested in working on this project:

  • Rachel Lyra
  • Marc Juul
  • Tom the Brit
  • Erica L
  • Alex G
  • Snailssssss